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Testimonials for computer classes

Full text of the following testimonials can be found and audited in the office of the training center.

1. My co-worker recommended it - She went to Photoshop class here & was pleased w/everything she learned, as am I. Great class - extremely helpful for work.

2. I'm glad that the course had a very practical approach.

3. Easy, close to work, lots of options. Great class! Thanks!

4. The Instructor took time to explain things clearly throughout the time of the course.

5. I needed a class that would work around my work schedule, and this was perfect. I thought it was good class with helpful assistants to assist with our questions.

6. I liked the class very much.

7. It was a very good and helpful class. I would certainly recommend it to my friends. Thank you.

8. I think the classes were very good. The instructors knew the material and were helpful. An overall pleasant and good learning experience. I came away with a lot more computer knowledge. Thank you.

9. My HR manager took classes here. Staff is great, school is great.

10. Excelent.

11. You have a great team of instructors and I am pleased with the results of my learning experiences.

12. This course taught me the skills I need to progress in my career.

13. Good.

14. I really recommend this school.

15. It was a great experience, very user friendly.

16. Enjoyed my class & learned everything I hoped . Good course.



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